About Us

Hello.LA.Girl is a Los Angeles fashion brand designed to bring you the trendiest styles at an affordable price. Hello.LA.Girl uses luxury fabrics and high quality materials to craft each piece. Specializing in Lingerie, Jewelry, Swimsuits, and Pjs. (HelloLaGirl brand is owned by Urban Fashion Express Inc.)

Company Information

Hello.LA.Girl founded in Los Angeles, CA. The founder has a passion for fashion and picks out the best fabrics and materials to use. We believe that beauty is not just about your appearance, but how you show up in the world. The more confident and beautiful you feel in your skin, the more love you can share. That is why our motto is “ More Love, More Beauty ”. Our products are designed to make you feel good, inside and out. Whether it’s a night out or in, we want our customers to feel strong, sexy, and beautiful.When you feel beautiful inside and out, you can share more love with the world. Our boutique provides a variety of styles and fits meant for all shapes and sizes. We welcome you to use your imagination and create a unique style that is just for you.

More Love, More Beauty,